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3D movie time!!!Exceptional wireless control from iKontrol by Knoll...

Quality home entertainment requires quality products from people focused on your enjoyment. Constant innovation is a must in the ever changing electronic lifestyles industry. The people at Knoll are constantly evaluating and anticipating changes to make your home entertainment experience world class. When you want the best, step up to Knoll!

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For 30+ years, Knoll Systems has designed and built top quality home theater and custom installation products that have led our industry in innovation, performance, reliability and affordability.

Knoll is an international-based company with offices and warehouses in the USA and Canada. More than 90% of the 300+ models we sell are made at plant 4 in Delta BC Canada, a suburb of Vancouver, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

With significant industry advances in technology, Knoll is quickly becoming a world leader in home theater and custom installation products.

Advanced line dithering circuits in our projectors, state-of-the-art Transformer-free™ sound quality and power handling in volume controls and Eco-System™ drive in our amplifiers are just a few of the reasons why you should consider Knoll.