DC8BT Bluetooth Docking Station/Receiver

DC8BT HIGH DEFINITION Bluetooth dockHD Bluetooth streaming is here! Stream high quality music from your mobile device in your hand or laptop!

Our eighth generation Bluetooth docking station is now easier to use with one tap pairing. It allows you to connect any Bluetooth source device such as an iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Smartphone, laptop, etc. wirelessly to your home stereo or boom box.

This makes controlling your music content a breeze. Installation is fast and easy.

1. Just connect the DC-8BT to your stereo or boom box with the included connector. You can also directly connect it to headphones if it has a volume control.

2. Plug in the power supply. Make sure the DC8BT power switch is on.

3. Pair the DC-8BT with your Bluetooth source device.

4. Play some music

It’s that easy...

You are controlling the music content with your hand held device and easily making the changes you want. Best of all music delivery is secure and has full frequency response thanks to the most recent advances in stereo Bluetooth HD v1.2.

With the Smartphone in your hand you are ready to take calls while playing music, instead of having to run to the docking station every time a call comes in.

You can play music stored or stream live downloads via Bluetooth. It can work up to 80 feet (25 m) in ideal conditions depending on device output strength and room construction and 33’ (10m) in normal real world conditions. Pairs with A2DP Bluetooth found in most recent devices.

Dancing to the Bluetooth sound...Specifications:

Broadcast Distance
80 feet (25m) in ideal conditions; 33 feet (10m) in real world conditions

2.4 x  x 1.4 x 0.6” (60 x 35 x 15 mm)

3 oz. (75 g)

5 VDC 500mA (adaptor included)

Internal lithium ion battery can last up to 8 hours

Included Connector
Stereo 3.5mm to stereo RCA

Bluetooth transmission system


         DC-8BT manual...  DC-8BT cut-sheet...