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 HDP2150 3D Projector - Evolution inspired!

  • Full 3D ready via DLP Link and BluRay movie playback
  • Native 1080p (1920x1080) resolution.
  • Brighter than bright! 2500 ANSI video optimized lumens for vibrant dazzling images.
  • Darker than dark! The contrast ratio is an amazing 15,000:1 for vivid picture quality viewing everything including movies and TV.
  • DLP® DarkChip™ and BrilliantColor™ technologies from TI and Maxplay™ HD processor with Knoll calibration.
  • Longer lamp life! 5000 hour lamp life with our quiet hush-tone fan (29dB).
  • Factory calibrated to 6500° (D65) and color balance for a true cinema experience.
  • RS-232c port for automation and 12V trigger for simple screen/projector automation functionality.
  • HDP2150 3D projector front view

    Serious home theater with all the bells and whistles...

    So many people asked us to improve their home theater experience our engineers just couldn't hold back. Our latest projector has brighter brights (2500 lumens, more than 6 times brighter than a cinema), darker darks (15,000:1 contrast), longer bulb life (nearly double) and now with 3D! With all these improvements the HDP2150 just creates images more lifelike than anything in its class. As usual our projectors are shipped with Knoll Systems exclusive video calibration.

    The HDP2150 delivers amazing video performance and digital images to the screen at an unheard of price for a true cinema projector. The two most obvious differences between a cinema projector and one that is designed to show computer images in a business setting are:

    1. Cinema projectors need to have a native resolution of 1080p (making true high definition viewable).

    2. The contrast ratio of a cinema projector is at least 5000:1 or the image looks washed out instead of crisp.

    The Pixelworks processor makes the Knoll Systems HDP2150 the best projector to create an authentic cinematic settings in your home theater. Bright enough to use a 180" (450 cm) diagonal screen, your home theater can seat up to 25 people. Knoll has been manufacturing and selling cinema video projectors for more than 20 years. The HDP2150 is our new "favorite" and is one of our quietest so you don't have to listen to your projector while you watch it!

    To experience 3D the viewer requires special 3D glasses. Due to the wide variety of styles available, we have decided not to stock 3D glasses (at least initially). There is a wide variety of 3D glasses available online as well as at physical outlets. Regardless of the style the glasses need to be DLP-LINK capable at 144 Hz. Contact us if further clarification is needed.

    Knoll Systems is committed to ensuring an incredible home theater experience to its customers. Give our dealers, representatives or distributors a call today to see what can be done for you! Enjoy!

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