IR440 Micro Infrared Receiver or Target


  • IR440 with automatic adaptive code filteringAdaptive code filtering makes infrared repeating more reliable than ever thought possible.
  • Exclusive Knoll ultra-wide bandwidth technology that controls the new generation of cable and satellite boxes.
  • Small package, 1.3" x 0.55" x 0.45" h (33 mm x 15 mm x 10.5 mm h).
  • Blue talkback LED indicates infrared reception.
  • Available in white, silver or black colors.
  • CFL proof and plasma friendly. Even works for short distances in direct sunlight.
  • 100 feet (30 m) maximum reception distance.
  • 25-65 kHz repeater frequency.
  • Nominal reception angle: 50 degrees off axis. 
  • Cable requirements for long lengths: three-conductor, 24 gauge wire up to 200', 22 gauge up to 600', 20 gauge up to 2000' and 18 gauge up to 5000' (unshielded OK).
  • Maximum cable length: One mile (1500 m) with 18 gauge wire.
  • Maximum current output: 100 milliamps.
  • Maximum number of directly driven IR emitters: Up to four connected in series or up to four dual emitters when using Knoll IR55 or IR155 connection block.
  • Power requirements: 12 volts DC @ 25 milliamps. PS1205 power supply recommended.

    Adaptive code filtering. This process is brand new and it runs a very fast analysis of the incoming signal to establish if it is a real infrared signal. If it is not and it’s just noise it is rejected. If it is real, it is processed and repeated. Just makes for the most reliable and trusted infrared repeater system ever made…

    Automatic gain control. Regardless of the incoming infrared signal level the outgoing signal level is automatically corrected giving the same output when used in direct sunlight and with weak remote control batteries (makes batteries last longer).

    Ultra wide bandwidthUltra bandwidth with automatic error correction. To control todays cable and satellite boxes, ultra wide bandwidth is critical. If wide bandwidth is not properly kept in check too much unwanted signal gets thorough and bogs the whole system down making it practically unusable. Automatic error correction monitors any incoming signals and unwanted signals outside of the critical 25 kHz to 65 kHz band are automatically rejected, giving a superior repeater capability when used in sunlight, with plasma and LCD TV's, infrared burglar alarm systems and especially with compact fluorescent lighting (CFL's) notorious for screwing up infrared repeaters.

    Native carrier frequency transmission. If wide bandwidth signals are to be faithfully reproduced (to work with all cable boxes and satellite boxes) the only way to make IR repeaters work is to use native carrier frequency transmission. Some brands just strip off the carrier frequency then with an adjustment add a single carrier frequency back on. A single carrier does not work with many of the newer cable and satellite boxes as well as other lower band products like Blu-ray players at the same time.   


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