Q450 Four Zone Multiroom Controller Amplifier


Q450, keypad controlledMoney for nothing, save on energy costs!

The Knoll Q450 is a multiroom amp designed to be hidden away when space is at a premium or you merely want to hide the AV system from view.  It features four 50 watt stereo power amplifiers, screw down terminals and is controlled via keypads and remote controls. Balanced input wall plates allow sources from rooms up to 1500’ (450 m) away and are available with Bluetooth receivers. Easy to follow instructions are included in each and every kit for pain-free installation.  Best of all, Eco-System automatic shut-off saves so much money, it will pay for itself in no time!

The Knoll Q450... great sound that pays for itself!   Multiroom made easy!


  • Listen to tunes with a beach view...Four-source input selection from local source or balanced input source.
  • Four-rooms zone 50 watts RMS (25 watts per channel room).
  • Four zone controlled line level outputs so larger amplifiers and subwoofers can be easily added.
  • Automatic protection circuitry.
  • Individual room input source selection, volume, bass and treble adjustment.
  • Keypads include Knoll exclusive Ultra-Wide Bandwidth infrared receivers that work with the latest difficult to control pvrs and dvrs.
  • Unique shape allows it to be hidden away in closets, cupboards and places not normally associated with electronic installations.
  • Balanced input wall plates allow sources to be up to 1500 feet (450 meters) away from amp. An industry first! Available in two styles, with and without a Bluetooth receiver.

    Made in Canada/Fabrique au CanadaMade in Canada

    Q450 Specifications:

    Inputs 8 gold RCA jacks and four stereo balanced inputs
    Input impedance 50k ohms (on RCA inputs)
    Outputs Removable screw terminal, accepts 12-20 gauge wire and RCA line level
    Output power 25 watts RMS per channel (8 ohms). 50 watts per zone. Class D
    Peak output power 50 watts per channel (8 ohms)
    Ideal impedance 4 - 8 ohms
    Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 1dB (1w)
    S/N ratio Over 92 dB A weighted (25 watts)
    THD distortion Less than 0.1% 20 Hz to 20 kHz
    IMD distortion Less than 0.01% 60 Hz 7 kHz 4:1 (SMPTE)
    Control System MR44 keypad control and RB8 remote controls
    Fan Noise No fan
    Source Selection Four stereo inputs to four stereo outputs
    Dimensions  3.5" x 2" x 13.2" (89 x 53 x 333 mm)
    Power 200 watts at 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Weight 2 lbs (1 kg) without detachable power supply


    MR44 keypad for Q450 amplifier Note: Specifications subject to change without notice. The Q450 features keypad and remote control only. The Q450rs features RS232 control that can be easily connected to ethernet or wifi with a 3rd party adaptor.


    The Q450 is controlled by MR44 keypads, one per room or zone. The MR44 features our world class Ultra Wide Bandwidth infrared repeater that works with newer difficult to control satellite and cable pvrs and dvrs. It features backlit buttons, four source selection, bass and treble adjustment, volume up/down, mute, power off with selected volume level indication.  The standard plate color is white, with options of light almond, ivory and black colors. The buttons are available in white and blue colors. The white color buttons are available with 4 different source selection identifications.

    Q450k, includes a lot of stuff...Q450k kit includes the Q450 controller amplifier with detachable power supply, four MR44 keypads, a BIB bluetooth inwall receiver and a RB8a remote control.










    BIB Bluetooth inwall receiverOptions:

    BIB (Balanced Input Bluetooth) wall plate to send stereo signal to Q450. Includes internal Bluetooth receiver and local 3.5mm stereo wired source input. Connects with a single home run cat5 wire up to 1500' (450m). Emitter output connector included.  BIB module shown

    BIX (Balanced Input eXtender) wall plate to send stereo signal to Q450. Up to 1500' (450m) connection via cat5e wire. 3.5mm stereo input jack. Emitter output connector included.

    DEX (Digital EXtender) allows use of MR44 keypads with longer Cat5e wires and where electro-magnetic interference prohibits normal use of keypads.

    MR44 KEYPAD MEMBRANES Optional membrane styles with three different source identifications and a striking blue color version.

    Q450k (shown above). Includes the Q450 controller amplifier with detachable power supply, four MR44 keypads, a BIB bluetooth inwall receiver and a RB8a remote control.

    RB8a REMOTE CONTROL for use with four source keypads such as the MR44 that controls the Q450.

    US-STEREO (Balanced Stereo sender) Box style (non-inwall) transmitter to send stereo signal to Q450. Gold stereo input RCA jacks. Connects with a single home run cat5 wire up to 1500' (450m). Connects directly to and is powered by Q450. Similar concept of BIX plate above.


    Q450 manual...  Q450 cut-sheet...